Medical Weight Loss

Being overweight is a medical condition
and we treat it as one.

Obesity is a Disease. Similarly, it’s the gateway to other illnesses.

Examples include adult-onset diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. You’d love to get out and be active with loved ones. However, your lack of energy makes it challenging to get around. Don’t let the diet industry fool you: There’s no miracle pill. Instead, being overweight is a medical condition that calls for medical weight loss assistance.

Why Choose a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Weight loss doctors know that you’ve tried the diets. You probably tried some of them more than once. For a short while, you lost some weight. Then, it all came right back. 

Medical weight loss isn’t about another temporary diet. Instead, it’s about a lifestyle change that lasts. 

Our medical weight loss program is trusted by over 20,000 satisfied patients. It includes FDA approved weight loss medications, nutrition, health coaching, hormone replacement therapy, and an easy-to-use web application where you can track your calories, exercise, and weight loss goals.

Our Three-Step Weight Loss Process

Our medical weight loss program is trusted by over 20,000 satisfied patients.

Step 1) Consultation

Schedule a free consultation to determine if our program is right for you. No obligation. Absolutely no pressure.

Step 2) Custom Program

We’ll design a custom program just for you – after a complete medical examination.

Step 3) Accountability

Get weekly one-on-one accountability visits to help you meet your weight loss goals. We’re on this journey with and for you.

The Five-Pronged Approach To Weight Loss

Your journey to a new you begins with a free consultation. Our weight loss doctors explain the process and answer your questions. For example, did you know that our medical weight loss won’t require you to buy special food or shakes? You can still eat the foods you enjoy but do so in lower quantities.

This is possible because each patient receives a custom program that we put together just for you.

  • 1  In-office treatment — You undergo a complete medical examination. Doing so is essential to rule out medical reasons for weight gain. Besides that, we review your medications to ascertain if some might be causing weight gain in patients. Frequently, it’s possible to substitute one prescription drug for another that doesn’t have this side effect.
  • 2  Web-based application — Our web-based application keeps you connected to your doctors weight loss clinic personnel, and other staff members. You chart your progress. Besides that, we support you with encouragement and advice whenever you feel you need it.
  • 3  Calorie restrictions — At the heart of the plan is a diet that restricts calories. Because it’s a prescription diet, you won’t find it in the pages of a magazine. Similarly, it’s not a fad diet because it encourages lifestyle changes rather than impossible-to-follow food intake changes.
  • 4  FDA-approved medications — To help curb your appetite, our doctors may prescribe FDA-approved appetite suppressants. These medications are safe, and they work. They help you stay on track and not fall victim to cravings or eating binges.
  • 5  Dietary supplements — Depending on your needs, we may prescribe nutritional supplements that restore your health and help with low energy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start living a new life now! Don’t wait until you’ve lost the pounds you’re targeting.
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    Understanding the Medical Weight Loss Approach

    The program is a temporary step. You don’t have to spend months or even years with us. This program isn’t about the annual weigh-in. Instead, we help you change your eating habits so that you’ll no longer crave the foods that lead to obesity.

    Moreover, medical weight loss is a solution for life. With the help of early accountability, we assist you in taking the first steps on the journey to a new – and healthier – you. Connect with our weight loss clinic today for a free, confidential consultation.

    Best of all, you’re going to see the first results of the treatment in just a few short days. Many patients report that they’ve had the best results when repeating the procedure twice more over the next couple of months. By tricking the facial skin repeatedly into believing that it has been injured and needs to heal itself, the PRP facial treatment truly lives up to its reputation of creating astonishing results.

    It All Starts With a Free Consultation

    No hassle. No commitment. Absolutely no pressure.

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