Hims ED Vs. GAINSWave® Therapy

Erectile dysfunction wasn’t a term you thought you’d hear. But here you are. It happened. Now you have choices. One site offers Hims ED pills. Another one features GAINSWave therapy. Your head’s spinning. Here are some answers.

Pros of Hims

Hims ED pills contain sildenafil. You know it as the active ingredient in Viagra. Therefore, it’s a medication that has FDA approval. It works because it relaxes the muscles and blood vessels. As a result, there’s an increase in blood flow to the penis. When you take the medication before sex, it’ll enable you to have an erection and maintain it.

Cons of Hims

For Hims ED review writers point out that sildenafil is a prescription medication. This means that it’s not for everyone.

  • Nitrate drug users – If you’ve had heart problems in the past and now take nitrate-containing medications, don’t use the drug.
  • Recreational drug users – If you use poppers to get high or make anal sex more comfortable, the prescription drug can cause problems. The same goes for binge drinkers.
  • People with blood pressure problems – It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low blood pressure. Don’t take the medication.
  • Peyronie’s Disease patients – Warnings against use also include patients currently dealing with Peyronie’s Disease or other conditions that lead to a deformity of the penis.

Hims ED pills carry warnings similar to those you might read on a Viagra bottle, namely that you might encounter painful erections or priapism. Therefore, these pills aren’t for everyone.

Pros of GAINSWave® Treatment for ED

GAINSWave therapy is non-invasive. It isn’t a pill. Rather, it’s a treatment that changes your body to allow you to get an erection and maintain it. The technology is a bit like a wand that emits acoustic energy. You target treatment to the area of the penis and its surrounding tissues.

The acoustic waves awaken dormant cells. These might be cells that would typically repair the blood vessels of the penis. When your ED is due to damaged blood vessels, GAINSWave therapy changes the health of the penis from the inside. It rejuvenates the tissues.

Because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t contain any type of medication, it’s safe for men of all ages. By the way, the sound waves help with flushing out plaque, which is a good thing. Perhaps the biggest plus is that the benefits of the treatment last up to two years. You don’t have to keep applying the technology whenever you plan to have sex.

In other words, spontaneity is back!

Cons of GAINSWave® Treatment for ED

When compared to the For Hims ED review, the drawbacks of GAINSWave therapy are almost non-existent. Some men may point to the need for in-person consultations with board-certified doctors. There’s no anonymous medical consultation in the form of an online assessment at checkout. Moreover, you may require between six and 12 treatments.

How to Contact Us for GAINSWave® ED Treatment

There you have it. If you like to enjoy spontaneity in the bedroom again, you don’t want to pop pills up to four hours before sex. Besides that, the fear of painful erections is almost as bad as worrying whether you can have an erection at all.

With GAINSWave therapy, you see results that’ll last for a couple of years. Find out more by contacting Elevate Men’s Health and getting the facts straight. You’ll be glad you did it.

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