Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Is it possible to eat erectile dysfunction (ED) away? Not exactly. However, evidence shows that there are some foods for ED that have a beneficial effect. Conversely, there are others that do the exact opposite. Here’s what you need to know about foods that help erections – and the ones that harm them.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction affects men of any age. Even young men are not immune from ED. In simplest terms, ED describes a man’s inability to get and maintain an erection. There are several causes for the condition.

Examples include high blood pressure, diabetes, mental blocks, and medication side effects.

However, experts also believe that nutrition plays a vital role. They have identified several foods that provide focused doses of the nutrients healthy mean need for virility. Conversely, they also identified those foods that can take away from it.

10 Foods for ED You Can Pick up at the Store Today

Whole Grains and Fish — Researchers at Harvard Medical School warn men away from red meat and processed grains. As you know, this is a substantial staple of the American diet. So, put down your fork, step away from the T-bone with white rice, and reach for the wild-caught Mahi-Mahi with natural couscous instead. However, stay away from toxin-laden farmed fish. These specimens might contain PCBs, which are bad for testosterone. Experts say that natural foods such as whole grains and fish decrease the odds of dealing with ED.

Coffee — As noted by Men’s Health editors, a cup of Joe could be the answer to a slow metabolism. Drink it to get your blood moving. That said, this method only works if you’re not already a regular coffee drinker for whom the caffeine barely provides a kick any longer. For the typical caffeine junkie who downs an energy drink for lunch and a coffee after dinner, this suggestion might not work.

Chilies — These same experts also suggest chilies; the hotter, the better. You know how your face turns red and feels warm after eating the spicy fruits. Well, the effect isn’t localized to your face only. Rather, your blood vessels are expanding all over. As foods for ED go, this one is among the foods that help you stay erect. It’s fair to call it the spice of life.

SpinachHealthline points to the link between spinach ingestion and testosterone production as the reason for their recommendation. They also point out that spinach is a known source of folate, which gets the blood flowing. And blood flow to the penis is a good thing. The same goes for testosterone production when you suspect that it might be going down a little.

Avocados — Their mention among the foods for ED isn’t an accident. Consider that even the ancient Aztec cultures caught on to the connection between manhood and the fruits of the “testicle tree.” Avocados are rich in good fats. Moreover, fat is something you need for dissolving vitamin E, which is ideal for male fertility.

Tomatoes — Another nutrient that’s good for the circulation is lycopene. Everyday Health notes that you can find it in red fruits. Think tomatoes and pink grapefruits. The redder the fruit, the higher the lycopene content. Incorporate some fresh red fruits into your diet now.

Oysters — There’s plenty of lore that surrounds these bivalve mollusks. Renowned lovers from history have suggested in their writings that eating large plates of oysters aided their libido and stamina. While that’s difficult to determine, the mollusks indeed contain zinc and vitamin B, both of which are essential for testosterone production. However, some men find it one of the foods that help erections that are a little harder to swallow than others. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Pistachios — If the squishy quality of oysters isn’t something that appeals to you, then pistachios are bound to go down easier. Specialists believe that the healthy proteins in these seeds are a clear winner for men with ED. However, it goes further than this. Consider that pistachios are the ultimate nutrient-dense food. They contain a load of good fats, vitamins, and potassium. Moreover, they help lower blood pressure. The latter is a must for men with erection problems.

Maca FlourHealthline calls maca flour a root vegetable from Peru. If you like to cook, consider replacing wheat flour with maca. It’s rich in amino acids, iron, and magnesium. Experts believe that black maca, in particular, relieves stress. And stress, as you know, is one of the causes for ED.

Ginkgo Biloba — Another Healthline suggestion is a dietary supplement that experts have long identified as one of the foods for ED. They found that men who’re using antidepressants could benefit from ginkgo as a way to counteract the ED side effects brought on by the medication. However, be sure to discuss the use of this supplement with your doctor before taking it. Some mood disorder medications don’t react well with this herb.

5 Bad Foods for ED

Just as there are foods that help you stay erect, there are also those that can make getting an erection difficult. These are food choices that can contribute to ED or worsen it. We have already touched on red meat and processed grains. But what else might be among the wrong foods for ED?

The Typical American DietLloyd’s Pharmacy warns against eating the typical American diet that consists of high red meat intake, plenty of sugary foods, and excessive fats. That triple burger with large fries you enjoy for lunch could very well lead to problems in the bedroom in the long run.

Soy — Edamame is the hip food at the sushi joint and the vegan café right now. Soy milk is the woke alternative to cow’s milk and its artificial hormones. However, it could be one of the bad foods for ED, too. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention researchers discovered that soy protein led to a decrease of testosterone. In fact, four weeks of soy protein powder intake equal to 56g per day led to a 19% testosterone decrease. So, skip the soy milk, soy yogurt, soy cheese, and edamame.

BPA — You’re not thinking of bisphenol A as a food. And you would technically be correct. However, this synthetic lines soda cans, food containers, and provides the raw material for some water bottles. A study in the Journal of Fertility & Sterility found a direct impact on the semen quality of men exposed to BPA. So, choose your food packaging wisely. BPA-free packing is a better option. Oh, and ditch the plastic water bottle for a nice stainless steel one.

Sodium — High levels of sodium are dangerous. They lead to high blood pressure. We have already touched on the typical American diet as being bad for you. Consider that in addition to that burger and fries, you also eat packaged food for breakfast and dinner. Next, there’s the snack food that comes laden with salt. Is it any wonder that sodium is one of the worst foods for ED?

Soft Drinks — You already knew that sugary drinks are bad for you. However, according to the Central European Journal of Urology, they combine with the intake of refined carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, and high-calorie diets to create a metabolic disorder. This, in turn, can gradually lead to ED. So, put down the soft drink and reach for a nice glass of water instead (but not from a plastic bottle).

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You Have the Facts. Now What?

You know the good foods for ED. You also know the terrible foods for ED. What do you do with this knowledge? You could go ahead and completely revamp your lifestyle. However, we recommend doing so gradually. Give yourself some weekly victories.

For example, pick up a shiny new water bottle and ditch the plastic one. Then, replace the soda you drink at work with water. You’ll find that it’s satisfying to do something healthy for you. Besides that, you are cutting out two ED-causing factors: BPA and high-fructose corn syrup. You can gradually increase your intake of other healthy foods for ED. For example, add some raw spinach to that smoothie you have in the morning. Oh, and replace the soy milk with oat milk while you’re at it. You’ll hardly notice the difference. At the same time, you make two healthy changes.

When you work in the right foods for ED one at a time, they quickly become new habits. In the same way, eliminating some of the bad foods works just as well. You don’t have to do everything overnight. Nevertheless, what happens when your ED sticks around even though you’ve been making positive lifestyle changes?

Elevate Men’s Health Offers Answers

Combine good foods for ED with natural ED treatments. Doing so boosts the effects of the lifestyle changes you’re making. Besides that, board-certified doctors at Elevate Men’s Health can help you determine if there are more targeted approaches to take.

One of the non-invasive, completely natural treatments involves GAINSWave® therapy. It uses acoustic energy to focus on currently dormant cells in the penis. By causing them to leave their inactive status, they lead the charge in repairing damaged blood vessels and removing blockages.

By boosting blood flow to the organ and flushing out any plaque buildup that’s currently there, you rejuvenate the tissues of the penis. Besides that, your blood vessels become more elastic. Eating the red peppers now is most certainly going to make a more significant difference than it did before you flushed out the plaque and repaired the blood vessels.

Another treatment approach is the stem cell shot. Doctors use your platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate the tissues in and around the penis. This therapy focuses on the targeted activation of your own stem cells. They repair blood vessels and may also lead to the production of collagen. Besides, the shot increases the overall girth and length of your penis.

Combine ED Treatments with Lifestyle Changes for Best Results

There you have it. When you know what foods to leave out, you better your odds of not sabotaging your erectile functioning. Similarly, adding in healthy foods for ED helps target the overall health of the penis and its blood vessels. At the same time, it increases your overall health by choosing a better nutritional intake.

By eliminating excess weight in this manner, you can lower your BMI, which is a contributing factor to adult-onset diabetes. As you know, diabetes is a risk factor for developing ED. In the same way, the lifestyle changes reduce your risk of high blood pressure and the blockages that it can produce in the blood vessels.

With all these health issues being connected, why not get the treatment you need today to make measurable changes to your overall well-being? Next, target the health of your penis. From there, you will certainly appreciate how you can maintain the results with a better diet.

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