Diabetes and ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is on the rise. It’s fair to say that this development has to do with other conditions that are also gradually increasing. Case in point is diabetes. Is there a link between diabetes and ED? And if so, what are your options?

What is ED?

Before discussing ED solutions for diabetics, let’s be clear on what the condition entails. ED is a condition that affects your ability to achieve and maintain and erection. It’s not an occasional sexual hiccup. Rather, you’re having a difficult time with sexual intercourse because you don’t get hard enough.

What’s Diabetes?

Diabetes has to do with improperly-controlled blood sugar. Diabetes itself isn’t just a condition that affects one organ system. Instead, it leads to a multi-systemic bodily impact. For example, diabetes leads to nerve damage. It also has connections to heart disease, blood vessel damage, and kidney disease. Therefore, diabetes is a very serious physical illness that has far-reaching consequences for the body.

The Connection between Diabetes and ED

The American Diabetes Association explains that men with diabetes are more likely than men in the general popular to experience ED. Numbers range from 35% to 75%. Most importantly, the Association warns that ED can occur much earlier in life when you have diabetes. As a general rule of thumb, you might experience it about a decade before age would become a contributing factor.

The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy peer-reviewed journal considers diabetes a risk factor for ED that puts you at a three times higher likelihood of dealing with the condition.

ED caused by diabetes is greatly influenced by the nerve damage that comes in the wake of the disease. If you can’t feel the stimulation, it’s next to impossible to reach orgasm. Besides that, there’s the blood vessel damage. Doctors agree that diabetes creates problems for the circulatory system. This affects the heart but also the tiny blood vessels of the penis. With limited blood flow, you can’t achieve the erection you need for intercourse.

By the way, don’t discount the problem that diabetes causes for the kidneys. Kidney disease affects the hormonal balance of the body. Therefore, it’s not unusual for your testosterone count to be off.

The Role of Nitric Oxide 

The connection between diabetes and erections has to do with neurological and vascular health. Case in point is the body’s availability of nitric oxide. It enables the blood vessels of the penis to relax sufficiently to allow for an increase in blood flow. Because the body doesn’t produce enough of the chemical, there’s the breakdown in response.

Dealing with Diabetes and ED

There’s no magic pill. The first step is to get your blood sugar under control. ED solutions for diabetics must also include specific lifestyle changes.

  • Undergo a medical exam. A board-certified doctor must evaluate your diabetes to see how much damage it’s doing to your organ systems. You may require a multi-pronged healthcare approach.
  • Make changes to your nutritional intake. There are several foods for erectile dysfunction. When you combine them with healthy changes to your diet, you can positively influence diabetes and erections. Most importantly, you might lose weight, which can have a positive impact on type two diabetes.
  • Quit smoking. Can smoking cause ED? Yes, it can. Therefore, it’s essential to quit.

ED Treatment for Diabetes

If you’re struggling with diabetes and ED, there’s hope. While you’re making positive lifestyle changes, you don’t have to forgo sexual pleasure. ED caused by diabetes requires medical intervention. Over-the-counter and word-of-mouth treatments don’t usually work.

Besides that, consider that the condition is medical. Therefore, it makes sense to consult board-certified physicians. A possible treatment for diabetes and ED is the PRP shot. It directly affects the penis and its tissues. Therefore, it can result in a rejuvenation of the blood supply to the area.

Because diabetes results in nerve and blood vessel damage, this treatment shows good results. Another option for the patient with diabetes and ED is GAINSWave® Therapy. This is an entirely non-invasive treatment for patients with diabetes and erections problems.

By leveraging the acoustic energy of a targeted treatment, the care approach results in a reawakening of dormant cells. They begin the process of repairing damaged blood vessels through regular cell division. In healthy individuals, this process takes place naturally. However, when you need ED treatment for diabetes, the process of self-repair may not be occurring. Find out more about your natural treatment options for diabetes and erections by contacting Elevate Men’s Health now.

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