Can Smoking Cause ED?

We hate to tell you, but there’s plenty of scientific literature that links smoking and erections or the absence thereof. Sure, you love the occasional stogie, but will its enjoyment lead to ED? What about the pack-a-day cigarette habit that keeps on growing? Then, there’s vaping. Your questions – answered.

Smoking Decreases Libido

The Journal of Sexual Medicine identifies a long-time smoking habit as a risk factor for sexual dysfunction. It doesn’t just affect your ability to have an erection. Your sex drive takes it in the pants, too.

To test this theory, scientists worked with non-smokers whom they gave either nicotine-containing gum or placebos. The results showed a 23% reduction in sexual arousal. Let this sink in for a moment.

Smoking and erections already have an antagonistic relationship. Now, it’s also the use of nicotine-containing gum and libido. Knowing this, what do you think vaping is doing to your sex drive?

Can Smoking Cause ED?

(Psst … yes, it can.)

You’re still in denial; we get it. Maybe, it’s the nicotine addiction talking. You can’t envision yourself going through your day without lighting up. But if you want to enjoy meaningful time in the bedroom, it might be your best option.

So, can smoking cause ED? Yes, it can. WebMD references a conference by the American Heart Association that drew a strong connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction.

That’s because smoking and erectile dysfunction have arterial plaque buildup in common. The nicotine habit causes it. As the plaque keeps building up in the blood vessels, they continue to narrow. As you know, it’s the unobstructed blood flow to the penis that causes erections to happen.

If you’re still hesitating, consider this. A study showed that a 20-a-day cigarette habit could increase your risk for erectile dysfunction by 60%. Only 12% of men who never smoked dealt with ED. Among smokers, the number sat at 30%.

Does Quitting Smoking Help ED?

Can you quit smoking for better erections? Okay, so now you’re listening. You’re also scared. That’s probably a good thing. The answer is yes. Can smoking cause ED? Yes, it can. Does quitting smoking help ED? Yes, it does.

Once again, there’s scientific evidence to back this up. BJU International, which used to be known as the British Journal of Urology, conducted a study to see if erectile dysfunction would improve in former smokers who decided to quit. It also followed the ED of smokers who refused to kick the nicotine habit. After 12 months, 25% of ex-smokers showed ED improvement. None of the current smokers saw any improvement in their erectile dysfunction.

Quit Smoking for Better Erections, and Get Treatment to Heal the Damage

Did you know that you could help your body get rid of the plaque that the cigarette habit caused to build up? GAINSWave® therapy is a non-invasive process that uses sound waves for breaking up plaque and allowing your body to flush it out. Besides that, it leads to dormant cells waking up again and rebuilding blood vessels from the inside.

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